Top Notch Support

Top notch support

should always come as standard without asking

I am a firm believer in great support and communication to further improve my working relationship with clients, over the years I have built a reputation for providing just that.

We have so many great ways to communicate now with telephone, email, Skype, Slack and ticket systems such as FreshDesk. There is absolutely no excuse for poor communication when working freelance/remotely as I do full-time.

I am a very upfront and honest person generally, so I will never sugar coat things if there is an issue that needs resolving. Whether it's something that I am responsible for or a budget problem where the brief has shifted course (which happens on accasion).

Featured Feedback

A needle in a haystack!? Finding a company that you are happy to outsource to that can fulfill your quality, efficiency and budget requirements is a difficult task. I’m pleased to say that Monsters Edge met my high expectations and more. Matt Christmas, Owner, Roth Creative
Wes is one of the best web developers we have had the pleasure of working with on a number of projects. His attention to detail is impeccable where the end product replicates a carbon copy of the design visuals, every time. He is passionate about customer service and takes great pride in producing clean-coded websites, built to their exact specification. A great communicator, extremely reliable and honest, effortless to work with and always goes the extra mile. We would highly recommend Wes and will continue to work with him on future projects. Nadiya Oldman, Creative Director, Obvious Group
If you stumble across Wes, then you are one of the lucky few. Very straightforward, honest, reliable, with a good talent for design. We had tried several so called professional web design companies before Wes, none of them understood our requirements, then made excuses as to why it wasn't possible. Wes understood our needs entirely, he was upfront about what was possible, what might take more time and what alternative options we had. Thanks to him entirely, our ecommerce site is up, running, and taking orders! Even after the site was finished, Wes is still happy to make adjustments to solve issues that we had not realised would occur within our requirements, bugs he just fixes, alterations are always reasonably priced and stress free. A breath of fresh air, I genuinely cannot recommend his services enough. Richard Handley, Spectra Displays